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Briggs Beach

Category: Stuff To Do
Location: Adamsville, RI
Posted by: jamie
Tagged as: Cheap, Date Spot
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Briggs Beach is a private beach in little compton but there's always ways to visit. there is a gate to get in, but if you walk down the path to the beach instead of driving, no one bothers you. it's a small beach but it's never overcrouded. you can lay on the beach or swim in the water like you do at any beach. but you can also walk down the right of the beach (the ocean is on the left of you) and walk to the point. right around the bend is the best place to look for sea glass. right out into the water there are rocks called the



Hey - who are all of you? Not sure how old these posts are.....


bon fires! man hunt! cabana sleepovers!swimming in the waves!penny candy! so so so so so much fun : )


yes! i love all those cabanas right on the beach. and there's only one shower to use and it's public and outisde. very awesome. who is your wife's family? i might know them. when you're a member at briggs beach, you tend to know who a lot of the regulars are.


My wife's family has a cabana there...kinda neat... no electricity... there's even a gas refrigerator

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