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Water Fire Providence


On select weekend nights providence will have fires on the three rivers that pass through the city. This is a great place to go on a date or just go and check out the many street performers that this attracts.

WaterFire takes place in downtown Providence. From Interstate 95 North or South, take exit 22 to downtown. The off-ramp brings you onto Memorial Boulevard which runs along the river. WaterFire is on your left after the first set of lights, and the installation extends down past the Crawford Street Bridge.

From Route 195, follow the signs for Route 95 north (towards Boston). Stay to the right, take exit 22, and follow the directions above.



Make way for yuppies...


Water fire is the stupidest thing ever. It makes me hate Rhode Island even more.


You can see my pictures of Waterfire here:


water + fire = awesome every single time


It's become sort of the ultimate obvious date in Providence, but if you sit back and just look at the fires, they really are completely impressive when they're really really burning. If you can clear your head of all the people doing their stupid people things.


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